Aerial Photography

I love traveling with my DJI Mavic Pro. In 2020 I became a private pilot. Here are some aerial photos taken from the Mavic, a Cessna, or a Piper.

2021 May Wild West

This is a 3-day trip to celebrate my first 100 hours of flying. The landscape of the wild west is out of this world.

Sedona Airport (KSEZ), also known as USS Sedona, because it sits on top of a mesa.

Winslow Crater

Monument Valley

Grand Canyon

2021 Apr San Diego Bay Tour

The San Diego Bay Tour route allows you to fly 500 feet above ground through the channel – as long as you obtain clearance into the Class Bravo airspace. Here is a shot of the USS Midway Museum, with downtown San Diego in the background.

2020 Dec Furnace Creek Airport

The Furnace Creek airport (L06) inside the Death Valley National Park is 64 meters below sea level. That means a negative reading on the altimeter!

The ride over the desert was quite bumpy, but totally worth it for the view.

2020 Sep Bobcat Fire

The Bobcat fire in Sep 2020 produced tons of smoke in the San Gabriel valley. As a result the visibility became so low that Mt Wilson turned invisible.

On a clear day:

2020 Aug Los Angeles International Airport

I passed my checkride and am now a private pilot! Took a friend of mine for an aerial tour of Los Angeles. We followed the Special Flight Rule near Santa Monica and passed right above LAX. Can you spot the landing jet at the bottom left corner?

2020 May SoCal Logistics Airport

The airline industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Where do they park all those planes not in use? Turns out Runway 3/21 at Victorville (KVCV) was used to store some of these unused jets. The controller graciously allowed me to fly over this runway and see these birds eager to get back to the sky.

2020 February Ontario Airport

Passed by Ontario International Airport (KNOT) on my cross-country solo flight.

2020 February Catalina Island

Landing at Catalina Airport (KAVX) felt like landing on an aircraft carrier – the runway has 1,600 feet of elevation and sits in between two cliffs. No wonder it is called the airport in the sky! Here is a cloudy version of that macOS Catalina desktop image.

2019 December Stockholm, Sweden

360 panorama

2019 June Moorea, French Polynesia

2019 March UW Cherry Blossom

360 panorama

2019 March UW

2017 December Seattle Snow

360 panorama